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Sales and marketing can be a long and costly process, but word-of-mouth marketing is pre-qualified gold





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Sales and marketing can be a long and costly process, but word-of-mouth marketing is pre-qualified gold




Partner Program

We love all the hard work our business development team puts in, but we always believe in the power of community and building relationships from people who think we do good work and that care about our customer service over profits. After all isn’t that what word-of-mouth marking is really about? Recommendations are one of the highest compliment and honor a company can receive. Even if you are a complete stranger we want to reward you for sending business our way as a way to say thank you.
There are also many projects that might require a firm to provide services outside their core competencies. This might include Internet marketing specialists, copywriters, marketing consultants or graphic designers. ComputoVision's referral program also allows firms to either partner directly with our team on their project or refer a client to us.
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"We’re proud to say that nearly 93% of our business has always been from referrals and repeat clients."

ComputoVision Difference
  • We finish projects on time and on budget
  • Core competencies of handling custom projects in web development
  • Team of experienced engineers working on development projects involving various platforms and technologies
  • Quick delivery on smaller projects
  • Formally educated and experienced application developers, web developers, Social media professionals and more
How to Find Prospective Client's

New Business – Do you know of a new local business or startup? If so, send them our way to help them with marketing strategy, brand development, website development and online marketing presence.
Frustrated Business Owners – If you hear or see a business owner complaining about the functionality of their website or poor customer service from their creative agency simply drop our name and contact info and suggest they give us a call or send an email.
Lack of Results – Marketing strategy and implementation that are simply not bringing in new leads, clients, customers, or sales are always a cause for concern. Are people not finding the site? Are they finding it, but leaving right away? If so, why? Do you know of someone that has a website that isn’t getting them new business because of appearance, copy or lack of contact information? If so, we can perform audits and pin point the exact issue and make recommendations. We help website owners improve their conversion rates.
Portal Development in Pune, Mumbai, Panvel
How It Works
It’s simple. If anyone you know is interested in a new website, website redesigned, search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, advertising, mobile applications, website maintenance or our print and graphic design services, ask them to mention your name when they contact us or fill in the form below to let us know who you will be referring. We’ll cut you a check for up to 10% of the total project cost! It’s that easy. We look forward to hearing from you and pledge a sincere commitment to implement work that will compliment the confidence you have placed in our abilities.

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ComputoVision has a vision to make every business go online in an affordable way with no compromise on quality and customer satisfaction.


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